Deep Sea Diving

Won’t you dive deep tonight
Down below to your worst dreams
of lost hopes and fond memories

Won’t you close your eyes tonight
to draw that same picture again
Your hand now desperately itching,
reaching for the charcoal stick

Every curve, every slight
as clear as sunlight on your paper
that leaves no room for shadows
As bright as a day on the ocean
in your blue, blue hazel dreams

So tell me now, and think this through
Would you dive, or would you rather run away?
You see, tonight I’m different, absurd even
Because I don’t want to dive, I don’t even want to swim
However, I do feel like cruising on the surface instead.

Art By: Navroop Singh Manku.

For more of his art, follow @the_muse_doodler on instagram. 🙂 


Spilled Milk

I spilt some milk
and watched it flow
out of my hands
onto my sheets
onto the floor

It soaked everything white
soaked through the blankets
soaked through the books
even soaked through the night

It then made a sticky mess
that promised bad luck,
bad sheets and blankets,
bad shoes in a white muck

So I did the next best thing
and put out the milk
as they put out the fire,
poured to my heart’s desire

The shoes were saved
so were the blankets and sheets
all that remained was bad luck
and a little bit of mischief

Image Courtesy : Jafar Rehman at

Thanks mate 🙂 

Dear Life

Dear Life,

To the times I didn’t stand tall and instead stooped low,
I say goodbye and let you go

To my doubts reminding me that I’m never going to be good enough,
I say goodbye and let you go

To the times I allowed myself to believe others’ opinion of me,
I say goodbye and let you go

To the people who tried to bring me down and succeeded in doing so,
I say goodbye and let you go

To all my insecurities, I have embraced you and nurtured you for so long,
I say goodbye and let you go

To the darkness, oh I have loved you so and have always kept you close,
I will try to say goodbye and let you go

To the loves lost, and the pain and heartbreaks, I have held you tight,
But I say goodbye and let you go

To all the people who I loved and cherished and are not there anymore,
I’ll miss you, and I won’t let you go

To the words that got to me and make me who I am, I will write you
I’ll hold you close and I won’t let you go

To the lessons I’ve learned and will always keep learning,
I will hold you tight and I won’t let you go

To the dreams yet to be dreamt and the things yet to be done,
I’m coming for you and I won’t let you go


I learned to live in moments
tiny, precious ones
that meant so much
and were so little

A few snatched pieces
of quiet, of chaos, of oblivion
and maybe sometimes, of pure joy

I suppose it would do me good
if I closed my eyes
to these moments
and buried their memories

But then again, if it were not
for these precious little pieces
how could I ever feel alive again

For today I remembered
how I learned to dance barefoot
when the light from the sun
decided to warm my toes

And that tiny moment,
was happiness
if not pure joy

The walk

Today had been a fairly nice day. I took myself for a walk, wandered on the roads, even in the woods. It so happened that I had managed to rouse myself fairly early this morning, with the dawn yet to break and the world yet to wake. Perfect. So I put on my boots and tied my scarf, took my coat off the back of the wardrobe, and finally my gloves from the bottom of it, and I was ready to tiptoe myself out of the house. Wouldn’t want to stir anyone else up, would we.

Night. I was aware of the cold even before I was finished locking the door. It was welcoming, biting against my cheeks.  I took a deep breath and took it all inside at the back of my throat, warm and snug. Everything at a standstill. Beautiful. Breathing. Minutes passed and the grass was still covered with dew of course, it hurt me to walk over it and rid itself of its sweet slumber. And the wrought iron gate squealed on its hinges of course (despite me imploring it not to, but it has a mind of its own).

The soft fall of the earth was now replaced by the hard snap of the road, still lit by halogen lights, casting several yellow halos in the fog. Did I not tell you about the fog? Oh, its beautiful in case you were wondering. I romanticized some more, this time with the fog and its halos, and then started my walk along this road, passing houses. Oh how snugly everyone slept.

It occurred to me that the night had enchanted this road in particular and it kept going on forever, for I kept walking and walking, not that this bothered me, not complaining. I was also delirious enough to think that I was the only one alive, and that thought did not bother me too much as well. Odd. As if to show its disagreement with this particular thought of mine, a cuckoo answered me in its morning call. Followed by one more, then two, then three, and then many. I broke away from my fantasies to notice that the fog had now disappeared, and the sky too, the night was now a soft beautiful purple. The cuckoos were still calling, and  I looked into the direction of their frantic calls and suddenly the sky was all the shades of red, pink, and orange. It didn’t take my breath away, but it was a good site alright. I stood there till the colors diffused and I still stood some more, only because I could.

Dawn. Mornings bring forth a new day, a new hope, and multitudes of humans. So much for my fantasies. By now cycles had started passing me by, joggers too. It was an ordinary road after all. So I decided to follow the birds and took myself to the woods. Nice and quiet. Familiar. An occasional rustle here and there, and I don’t mind it too much. You see, animals are more accommodating than humans. And thus I continued my excursion in peace.

I remember I was thinking about the stars when my foot stepped onto something soft lying on the ground. Dreading it to be a dead animal, and not being one who could boast of having the strongest of stomachs myself, I took my time in glimpsing down at the object which had found its way  underneath my left boot. Something white. A rabbit? Curiosity. So I bent down to get a better look. A toy. Resembling a bear. One of its feet partially missing. Probably chewed off by some other animal which had mistaken it for a rabbit only to realize that it wasn’t a rabbit after all. Funny. But how did this thing end up here in the first place. Did it belong to a child, who now has more exciting shiny toys to play with? Or was it a part of those amorous love affairs, a victim of a lover’s rage?Endless possibilities.

Afternoon. I spent some time thinking about this toy, what could have happened to place it at such an ungodly place for itself. Like I said, endless possibilities, it takes time to consider a fraction of endless possibilities. I could very well comprehend the turn of events which placed it beneath my boot. Endless possibilities. But I could not decide upon one. This disturbed me. How could there not be any ending. Of course, time and nature would take its toll, and it would wither away and die. But I was not satisfied with that possibility either. Not having any other option in my hands, I picked it up and headed back home.

Evening. The toy is in a fairly good condition. After a couple of stitches to the foot and with the stuffing safely tucked inside, it looks good enough to live. The firelight dances in its eyes, and the color has returned to its cheeks. I’m satisfied. I consider myself a fairly considerate person, if not generous. The toy must have gone through a trauma. I for once happen to know exactly how these things go, funny how I keep coming across traumatic things on my walks. So I picked the toy up, gently, and let it sleep on the chair beside me. I now prepared to go to bed myself, again tip toeing around the house. Wouldn’t want to stir anyone else up, would we.

A Rose

A rose
In a lover’s hand
In a desert sand

A rose
Blistering in the sun
Lost forever in the run

A rose
An outline in the clouds
A flower in your mouth

A rose
Blooming among ruins
A sight worth musing

A rose
A perfect shape
A sweet escape

A rose
Your name
A rose
My bane

3 Minutes

3 minutes of quiet
3 minutes of repose
Give me 3 minutes,
3 minutes to compose

I’ll do no harm
I’ll do no good
Just give me 3 minutes
And I’ll be home

So everyone, and everything,
for just these 3 minutes
Now, listen to the silence
And feel your own warmth
This is you, in 3 minutes
You know now what I want

So for 3 minutes,
Let the world be at bay
For 3 minutes,
Forget you have a job that pays
For 3 minutes,
Don’t worry what comes next
For 3 minutes,
Is your time to rest.

The Machine

Tick. Tock. Tick tick tock
Get up. Stretch. Breathe
For the clock runs, runs, runs
Stopping for none, tick tock tick

Still on the bed?
Get up! Start your day!
And don’t forget to breathe
Tick Tock. Tick tick tock

RUN! Run…Run Run Run
That’s right, breathe in
Hold. And breathe out
Tick. Tock. Tick tick tock

Wash your body, wash your ache
Open your eyes and take the bait
Have some protein, drink some shake
For the clock’s ticking tick tock tick

RUN! RUN…Run Run Run
Run for the bus, run for the day
Run for the time, it’s only getting late
Tick. Tock. Tick tick tock

Wait up, don’t run, take a breath
Sign a check, get a house, get a lake
And now YOU go set the bait.
RUN! RUN! RUN run run

Can you hear it now? The familiar
Tick. Tock. Tick tick tock
Yes. Run again. Get up once again
You know you cant be late

But IT IS getting late
And things, things are yet left to be made
Tick. Tock. Tick tick tock.

Get get up! Up, up and straight
You have got a rep to maintain
You’ve KNOW you’ve almost got it all, so

You got so much done
A house. A lake. A home that runs
Finally its done, now you can rest
No need to run, only to invest

But the clock still runs
And now you’re on you’re bed
Look at the clock,its getting ahead

Tick. Tock. Tick Tick Tock.
Take a deep breath.
And now, you rest.

Life Lessons from an Empathetic Cup of Coffee – Handling Negativity

They say that Coffee is a drink that calms the mind and comforteth the soul. Not one for self-praise, these words my dear human, are not mine, but yours. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for all the credit and love you shower on me, and as a gesture of goodwill, I would be happy to do something for you too in return. What are you saying? I’m already doing you good by just existing? Aww, stop it, you! You are being too kind! What? What else could I possibly do to help you? I might say that I’m offended a bit here, with you doubting me like this. But nooo, you’re not to blame here, you’re a human. I know that you are already bundled down with your own trivial problems which lead you nowhere and frivolities which lead you to those trivial problems. Oh alright, don’t make that face, I know that not all your problems are trivial, it was imprudent of me to say that. I can’t solve your bigger problems, no those are for you to tackle alone (with me of course, don’t worry I’m not going anywhere), but the trivial ones, I think I can help you with that. Just read on.

Human, there are many kinds of you, with as many different tastes. Satisfying all your tastes is a daunting task, but because I love you so much I change myself over and over into forms you prefer the best. Hence came into existence the Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, Caffe Latte, Caf Mocha, Macchiato, so on and so forth, and then just plain, simple Coffee. Copious amounts of me are doled out into cups big and small, some topped with ice, others decorated with a pattern generally resembling a leaf or a heart. You take a generous sip of me and set me back down and then resume your work, your discussion, your current love affair, your book, or some of you (seldom but still), just sit back and relax. While I love reading good books and also don’t mind a romantic tête-à-tête every now and then, it is when you are gathered in what we call a group that I enjoy the most. This is because it is at this time when I get to know the most about you and trust me human, you are amazing creatures, so much that I’m in awe of you.

While it is fun to be with you when you voluntarily get together with each other to meet with me, my favourite is when you are made to get together with each other just because you want to be with me. It moves me that you love me so much that you would even spend a few minutes with people you particularly dislike! I and Tea talk about this all the time, our favourite is when one of you makes such an effort to make the other one feel like not having Coffee, and when the other one still sips their Coffee, the loyalty makes me feel so loved! To love me enough to stay and bear the other person shows how much you need me, and this makes me so tearful every time. Tea tells me that this is called being Negav. I don’t know what that really means but since she has been around you humans longer than I have, I am going to take her word on this one. I’m still learning your ways and Tea is always ready to help, we’re so close to each other and there’s definitely no Negav between us. Wait, its negativity! That’s the word!

So this negativity, I gather, is something you humans do to make other humans feel less good or less confident about themselves. Now personally I don’t see how that can happen when you’re having me, but then I’m just a tiny cup while you’re an entire human, so more power to you I guess. I have been around you enough to observe that different humans react in different ways; some grind their teeth so hard that my ears hurt (do you know how horrible that noise is), some gulp me down in a hurry (leaving me no option but to burn their tongue, so sorry human!), others bang me hard on the table (that hurts a lot FYI!), and some just abandon me on the table and leave (I’m so sorry that I couldn’t be of more help to you, I hope that I do more tomorrow).

So you see, this Negav, ummmm negativity thing really bothers me. Why, you ask? Do you know what message that sends to the other drinks? They think that I can’t control my drinkers! Do you know what Green Tea said to me the other day? She said that I sometimes have the same affect on people as….as (I don’t even want to say it), as….as ALCOHOL does? Can you imagine how horrible that made me feel? Being compared to that……to that imbecile? Human! I am in knowledge of this meme culture or something like that which Tea was telling me about. She told me that you dedicate so many memes to us, not just memes, pins, badges, pillows, mugs, all saying ‘I love Coffee’. But is this love? This treatment you do to each other which makes me look like a brewer of trouble instead of love? I didn’t think so.

Negativity is bad human, you already have your own problems, big or trivial, and your own little pleasures. Why not invest your time in that instead of making another human and his/her Coffee go through all that trouble just for your own selfish satisfaction? Why all this hate human? Why are you so insecure, and why are you so mean? Take it from me, I faced something like this in my early days too. Tea didn’t like me much. And oh did she make things difficult for me! I felt horrible for days because I couldn’t understand what was it that I did that was bothering her so much! You know I possibly couldn’t even hurt a fly! So I thought about it and talked to her, turned out she was just insecure that now that I had come, you wouldn’t want to be with her! Stupid, right? But do you know, we got past it. And guess what? It was Tea who came to my defence when that Alcohol was teasing me about joining his cult. The nerve I tell you!

So, my point is human, this Negav…..negativity or whatever, it is bad. You are all so beautiful and smell so good, what is there to hate? Some of you love each other, while some of you hate each other. I don’t get this, why hate when you can love? By now I have understood that you have your own idiosyncracies, and I’m far too simple to understand that, but why say something when you don’t have anything nice to say? Why can’t you just shut up? That’s what I do with Alcohol. I just shut up. It is a nice technique, you should give it a try. To the human who is at the receiving end of the negativity, my love, my heart goes out to you. But it won’t help if you take it to the heart and grind your teeth! Tea says this is called stress, and I read somewhere that stress could kill you! Do you know what would happen to me if something like that happened to you? So, my dear human, don’t let it get to your heart, don’t let anything get to you until it is me, your very own favourite Coffee. For all you care, the Negav spewing person may have some trivial issues of their own. Maybe they are angry with you for something you did, so you could talk it out like Tea and I did. Or maybe, they are just plain horrible people, so you can’t really help it, some people are like that, I guess they are called Negav people, Tea might know. Just don’t let them get to you.

So, my dear humans, all Negavs and Not Negavs, I have heard you say many times that life is too short to care about trivial things, so I guess according to that maxim, Negav people should not be Negav and others should not be listening or paying attention to the Negavs. But, I have also observed that humans say one thing, and act in an entirely opposite manner, weird creatures you are. I just want to make one simple appeal (Tea says you like such words), it is that please don’t be Negav while having Coffee, because I really don’t like when Alcohol teases me, and also because I don’t like it when someone bangs my cup on the table. So, if you really love Coffee, I guess you will sincerely listen to me and stop being Negav, sorry, what was the word again? Negative. Yes! Tea says not to get my hopes up, but I hope I can count on you, so please don’t be Negav.


With love,


Talking About Rain and the Importance of Enjoying It

There is just something supremely and inherently romantic about rain, and while I’m at it, I realise that I have also been extremely lucky to be able to love it when it rains. Until a few years back I wouldn’t have given a second thought about being grateful for the ability to love a natural phenomenon that comes around every year, but that’s what happens when you grow up. Amongst other important things like paying the bills and managing taxes, you also learn to appreciate things which previously you had taken for granted. And no, not just home cooked food, but also the privilege of being able to enjoy that food. You might now either be wondering why or might be cringing in apprehension about this being another long winded rant about how there are only a few of us privileged people out here in the world. While that is a sorry fact and as much helpless I feel just thinking about it, this is not what I’m going to talk about this time. (So, please read on) I’m just here to talk about beautiful rains. And dab a little into a teeny tiny something else.

I have always loved rain, and why not? I have been fortunate enough in growing up with a roof over my head, with kind parents who love me to bits and have always made sure that I never fall short of any worldly comfort (I now realise what a terribly difficult task that is, and I still wonder HOW you did it every single day these past years, mom and dad? Thanks is a small word), thus giving me enough time at hand to fall in love with all the small and beautiful things life has had, and will be continuing, to offer. And guess what?  The rain is right on top with a smug smile on its face. Yeah honey, the crown is yours. And if in case you disagree (which is completely acceptable and you might also have your own fair and valid reasons) and ask me why rain is so special, I would still say, why not? Rain is nostalgic, it’s beautiful, romantic, melancholy, and full of rhythm all at the same time. So many emotions in tiny of droplets of water. What’s not to like? No wonder it comes along with its fair share of lame love songs and cheesy romance novels, not forgetting difficult-to-get-rid-of pestilences, traffic jams that take forever, power cuts, muddy ditches, frogs, snakes, worms, ghosts, and a bazillion other problems that we’re better off without, but that still doesn’t take away the magic, does it? Okay, it does take away all of it, but what about when it doesn’t?

What about you splashing about in the rain with your sibling, your cousins, your friends? Or what about you making tiny paper boats with pages torn out of your notebook (almost always Math because who uses that anyway and also because the squares give a nice aesthetic to the whole thing). Remember how you used to open your mouth wide and just face the sky trying to drink some of that water? Or how about you splashing about with your new raincoat and umbrella on? Still doesn’t work? How about me reminding you of those absolutely marvellous rain time snacks? Hot pakoras and chai? I’m already smelling it. Aaaaaaah Perfection! Remember the song ‘Chhaiya Chhaiya‘? No? Aw C’mon! Okay, let me make it a little more special for you. Do you remember the first rain of the season? When the water droplets hit the parched earth and then wafts that beautiful smell of freshly dampened earth that also somehow quenches your thirst (which you didn’t realise you had until right then)? I bet there’s a word for that but where’s the fun in that? Taking you back to that time did more work than just writing ‘petrichor’ (yeah I Googled it for you, you’re welcome).

You might be wondering why I made such an effort in rekindling those memories for you. I’m a fairly sane human being, then why did I go through all this trouble? Why am I so hell bent on you reliving some of those happy memories? Why? The answer is pretty simple too. Trust me. You ready? Okay, here it goes. Simply because those memories were happy. Yes, that’s it. Still a little confused? Okay, let us make it a little simpler. They were happy memories, and they didn’t happen because they required you to score good grades or getting into a good college. They didn’t require you getting a job or a fat paycheck. These happy memories didn’t require you doing certain things, they just happened. So you see, life is not always a reward and punishment affair. It may seem like it mostly is, but no, not always. (Yes! And it is not cheating, its life, basically, anything can happen you know) So, good things also happen to you when you allow yourself the opportunity of choosing to be happy. And I’m not saying its easy, no sir it isn’t. But I also know that it’s important for you to allow yourself to be happy. Why? That’s simple too, trust me everything written here is pretty simple. Again, why is it important for you to allow yourself to be happy? So that you have enough happiness to last you if it doesn’t rain next time. Bleak thought. I know, right? Again, anything can happen you know.

I know things were simpler back then. You didn’t have to worry about certain people in school, or in college, at your workplace, or anywhere else for that matter. I know that back then you didn’t have to worry about certain things at your home. I also know that back then you were healthier, happier. I know back then you were a little better, that many things that are now inside your head biting at you weren’t even there before. I know a lot of problems didn’t exist earlier. But you know what, of all the things that are different now, there is one thing that isn’t. What, you ask? It’s you, and your ability to be happy. So I hope that now you do realise that all those happy memories happened because all they needed was for you to open your eyes and embrace whatever good happened to you, be it just tiny droplets of water. It wasn’t so hard to do if you think about it, and oh it was so lovely too. You know you can be happy again, even if it is for a little while, that’s how you start, don’t you. One baby step at a time. So, my dear reader, if you could do it back then, could you do it once again the next time it rains? I know that you can, do you?