So here’s a little insight about what this is all about. It started with a thought and what better way to name a blog after its true purpose, a sanctuary for not all, but many thoughts.This blog is about words, and the power of words to create, destroy, rebuild, decorate, and navigate the vast realm of my twisted mind. It’s not defined. There is so much we wonder and so much we think about, where do all those things go ? Where do all those thoughts go ? Through this blog I attempt to capture some of those thoughts, some of those wanderings, some of that magic. So here is an outlet to all wanderings of my mind. I won’t say its pretty, I won’t say its gruesome, for is there any limit to the things we imagine ? No. I say its random. Random thoughts assembled on a tiny page. Sounds peculiarly wondrous to me. I hope that you’ll enjoy it too.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Being thoughtful is like exploring a new world with that li’l butterfly as your fairy …. 🙂 ….. great –radhikha chauhan

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