Deep Sea Diving

Won’t you dive deep tonight
Down below to your worst dreams
of lost hopes and fond memories

Won’t you close your eyes tonight
to draw that same picture again
Your hand now desperately itching,
reaching for the charcoal stick

Every curve, every slight
as clear as sunlight on your paper
that leaves no room for shadows
As bright as a day on the ocean
in your blue, blue hazel dreams

So tell me now, and think this through
Would you dive, or would you rather run away?
You see, tonight I’m different, absurd even
Because I don’t want to dive, I don’t even want to swim
However, I do feel like cruising on the surface instead.

Art By: Navroop Singh Manku.

For more of his art, follow @the_muse_doodler on instagram. 🙂 


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