What Makes Us Write ?

As I’m sitting here wondering about writer’s block which I have been facing from quite a long time now, I came to realize I’m still not able to deduce what caused it. Is it because I have nothing to say or is it because I’m too caught up in work, managing between my assignments and what not; but come to think of it, isn’t that a lame excuse? So, cutting that out of the list, I figure it’s because I haven’t had an inspiration to write something beautiful, but that seems unfair and by accepting that I’m accepting that I have failed to see life in all its beautiful glory. But that also sounds too utopian, doesn’t it ? Seeing the good in everything all the time, which I must say is a wonderful idea, one that I’ve sadly been unable to work upon. I think what happened in my case was that I just gave up on everything, all the while thinking of doing things instead of actually doing them. I think the secret lies in thinking what you want to do and following it through, no matter what. As for what makes us write, I guess its more of an inherent need to let go of all that’s inside of us to create something, not necessarily beautiful, but something which we feel close to.


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