3 Minutes

3 minutes of quiet
3 minutes of repose
Give me 3 minutes,
3 minutes to compose

I’ll do no harm
I’ll do no good
Just give me 3 minutes
And I’ll be home

So everyone, and everything,
for just these 3 minutes
Now, listen to the silence
And feel your own warmth
This is you, in 3 minutes
You know now what I want

So for 3 minutes,
Let the world be at bay
For 3 minutes,
Forget you have a job that pays
For 3 minutes,
Don’t worry what comes next
For 3 minutes,
Is your time to rest.


3 thoughts on “3 Minutes

  1. Nice work, and I am inclined to mention that the message is just too beautiful, because in the pace of life what one forgets to do is to take out time and meet thyself.
    Great work. Keep it up.

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