A Day In The Life Of…Wonder

Breakfast, morning, and sunshine;

A skillet of eggs and a glass of water and lime.

Get up and about to start a pleasant day;

Even if my head is brimming with grime.


Lunch, afternoon, and laughter sublime;

A meal with friends and a glass of coke and ice.

Go out, laugh, tease, cry, and work;

For time and moments are little, so don’t stand around and smirk.


Dinner, evening, lying under a starry sky;

With a bottle of wine, it looks a beautiful sight.

In my mind’s eye, I hear a distant thunder;

So I close those eyes, and let the rains do their plunder.


This was the story of a day in my life,

A pocketful of happiness, some angst, and a bit of sadness too;

But most of all…wonder.



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