Diary of a Lunatic #3: Highway to Hell

I go through life singing and dancing, sometimes crying and crawling, all the same, all the while, it does go on.
Looking back at times spent yearning and trying and failing yet again and again and tirelessly ever again ; I can’t help looking back without feeling a sense of pride mixed with some dubbed disappointment. Then comes the confusion, the apprehension of what may happen and what may not, what may go wrong again and the inherent fear that says that just maybe I may not get up this time. It should make me anxious but this comes with a feeling of tranquil liberation, that maybe I’ll find some peace in the hopeless chaos that life would be. I wouldn’t need to worry any more about things going bad again, I wouldn’t have to worry about taking care of myself again, I would just sleep peacefully with those utter chaos taking care of me.


One thought on “Diary of a Lunatic #3: Highway to Hell

  1. Confusion gives birth to curiosity and curiosity takes u to the path of unknown, and their u explore world within u and outside u and their u attain peace.. so be confused, the more u ll be confused more peaceful u be and more beautiful too…

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