Unmet Nostalgia

“Have you ever been nostalgic over something you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing ?”,she asked.

“Like what ?”, he asked amused.

“Like feeling a summer breeze as you walk down a narrow trail in the woods, roaming on a damp morning of a foggy winter day with someone who matters, being warm to your core even in the chill. Have you ever looked at some places and wished to remember things that have never happened, have you ever experienced unmet nostalgia ? Wished for things that had never been, knowing that that time won’t come back again, and with it the possibility of all those things you’ve always wished for.”



3 thoughts on “Unmet Nostalgia

  1. Your pen doesn’t spew words,
    It emanates dreams,
    Your pen doesn’t scribble syllables,
    It paints the unfathomable,
    On the canvas of souls,
    And every time I stumble upon the lands,
    Of your enigma,
    All I can say is,
    You have a beautiful pen,
    Or a breathtaking soul.

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