Still not sure about the title

To what do we owe ourselves or happiness too ? To whom do we owe our integrity to ? Or rather the question should be to whom have we entwined these important things in our life ? And an even bigger question, is that person worth it , are am I worth it. After much realizations and experiences of the divine “LIFE! Roller coaster”, I was much overwhelmed and still a little unclear about these things. After much needed introspection and self realizations I came to realize that it is just so easy for us to blame other people for hurting us, for breaking us. But who gives them a power to do those things to us ? We all know the answer. Getting attached to someone is inevitable, so is getting hurt by them. After all, we are all humans here. We want to hold someone and love them with all our might and heart. But when that loved one makes a human mistake that hurts us, we go all and about to blaming them for every wrong thing they did. We write songs about it, post dramatic status updates about how deeply hurt we are. We don’t miss a single opportunity to throw mud at them and that’s okay, we are humans too after all, another human mistake.

Many of us are in love with the idea of being in love. Love in real comprises accepting the person in spite of their shortcomings. Loving them even when they break you or hurt you because loving that person is inevitable. Many of us don’t realize it. Many of us aren’t actually in love, but just choose to keep all the good parts of it. And when the uglier and hurtful part arrives, they cut it and throw it out of their lives. Some may say that its because people do hurtful things, people do mean things which hurt us, they pretend to be someone they’re not and I’m not going to disagree with them. It’s life and it happens. But we are responsible to not let those mean people break us. And that’s our first and foremost responsibility.

So why cry if someone has hurt you. Why cry if someone judged you wrong. Why cry if someone bullies you. Why cry if someone left you, broke you, took a part of you. Why give them a power to do that. Life ain’t fair to anyone and it will never be. Wear your adversities like a crown and smile despite the pain. Because it’s not power that makes us stronger. It’s what we do when life hits the rocks. So we need to remember that our happiness and integrity is owed to only ourselves and we’ll e just fine.


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