Midnight Meal

She sits in the middle of the bed
With her hair a tired mess
She just woke up from her disturbed slumber
The earphones are still hanging around her neck
She’s wearing her favorite faded pink over-sized t shirt
The fabric is smooth against her skin, just like an old kin

She looks around and the reality comes flooding back
She groans and flops down on her bed
The earphones are back on, with her favorite song on the loop
While her head sways to that familiar tune, she picks up her book
She flips through the pages to begin where she left off
She delves deeper into the world created by another writer
So much more balanced and understandable unlike her own

Her stomach groans and she realizes that she’s hungry
She puts the kettle to boil, its time for her midnight meal
The milk boils and the song hits her favorite chords
She’s locked in her jam, her hands following the notes on an imaginary guitar
She breaks the jam to the sound of the kettle’s whistle
The imaginary guitar is replaced by the box of cereals

She chuckles to herself at the ambiguity of the situation
There is no way out of her weird contradiction
She takes her cereal to the bedside window and looks at the night
And wonders about life and the creatures that roam out of sight
She has a dark side to her but that’s all right
Her morning will soon come and it will be divine
She’s weird and she’s free
She’s me


20 thoughts on “Midnight Meal

  1. Isn’t she beautiful how she observes and looks at things?Isn’t she beautiful when she is vulnerable?Mostly a lot of things are beautiful at night.

    You the writer actually made me smile and think out loud at this line “And wonders about life and the creatures that roam out of sight”,beautiful it was. 🙂

    • yet again the night is generally associated with the dark and mysterious but we seldom see the other side of it. the one which is full of hopes and aimless wanderings, the honesty and the uncertainty, and that’s what makes it beautiful.
      And I’m glad that it made you smile and made you think. its purpose is fulfilled 🙂

      • There is beauty in dark and mysterious as well but we fail to see it.
        The other side as you mention which is full of hopes and aimless wanderings is completely ignored too,call it ignorance if nothing else.
        It was great and I could relate to the hunger part very well.

  2. Again a beautiful n enlightin blog…xplaining d best way for smone to b…n olso food…d best prt of our life.. A job well done gal.. 🙂 😉 seems like food is the only thng dat undrstands her well 😉 grt work..keep it coming.. 🙂

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  4. The impeccable facade of your pieces is the detail, their emmaculate serenity, at the same time, the perniciousness.
    As the eyes brush over first few syllables, the letters fade and a detailed image of the whole scenario appears in front of eyes.
    As I progress through the verse..I could see the pictures moving.
    It was beautiful, if that word does it justice.
    Moreover, the simplicity hovers over the whole verse, being complex enough to ignite a picture in the heads of the readers.
    Quietly in the night, it was a treat to read it all.

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