Moonlight Dream

She stood under the moonlit sky with dewdrops in her eyes
Deep in the wake of the forbidden love she had now realized
It now bled in the form of dewdrops down her cheeks
With the back of her hand she bid those pearly dewdrops goodbye
Hid them from the world for that’s how the good girls were supposed to be

Traitor ! Impostor ! screamed in her head
Pearly dewdrops were now a steady stream falling down her hands
She clenched those hands tightly in desperate prayer
Still reveling in the sweet agony brought about by her despair
The pearly dew drops were now supposed to go

It broke her heart saying goodbye to her despair
She was now awaiting the endless winter that stood before her
Drenched in moonlight she looked upon the stars
Wondering if she could ever smile like them again
Wondering if she could ever live again


5 thoughts on “Moonlight Dream

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  2. Appreciation is something just not enough every time I read something written by you.
    beautiful thoughts from a beautiful mind portrayed in beautiful words.
    And I don’t think this one needs any addition.
    Keep writing.. all the best.

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