A Little Insight to What’s it All About

“The secret of it all is to write…without waiting for a fit time or place.”

What could be more appropriate than quoting Walt Whitman while starting a blog. Although I’m not much into poetry, and like a certain someone, love the pieces that touch a part of me. But I’m straying off the topic here. So I was going to write about what this blog is all about. And now that I think about it, it’s pretty difficult to sum it all up in one sentence. I read somewhere, that if you want to be a writer, then you’ve first got to have something to say. And I have lots. Not just to say, but also a lot to express and I guess I might go crazy if I won’t. So I thought, why not get a blog. A free space of up to 3 GB on a leading blogging site looked like a fair deal, so here I am converting my thoughts into a series of zeros and ones which appear to be alphabets here on your computer/phone/tablet screen. And so, to give it a name just for the sake of it and also because it seemed fitting, ‘sanctuaryforthoughts’ came into my mind. A sanctuary for all this stuff inside of me, waiting, desperate but yet hesitating to get out. So I’m going to prod a bit in the corners of my mind and give those thoughts a home in the form of this blog.

I again read somewhere that when you write something, you write it because you expect someone to read it in the future. The future reader maybe you yourself or some other person, but nonetheless, you write because you expect someone to read it, and therefore, what you write must be presentable. I’m not sure if what I’m writing is good or bad or presentable or whatever it’s supposed to be, because I’m the least bit acquainted with how these things are supposed to work. I don’t know anything about writing except for the fact that I need to write. I’m just yet another average Indian engineering student who’s about to start her third year in college and has realized that she’s the least bit interested in what she’s doing. But that’s a whole different story altogether.

So I’m writing in the hopes of someone reading this blog in the near future, besides myself, and dear reader, if you’re reading this right now then I do hope that you like what you’re reading, and if you do, please give me some valuable seconds from your life and drop a comment. And even if you don’t, then again drop in your comments as I’d love to know what I need to work upon.


7 thoughts on “A Little Insight to What’s it All About

  1. Just read the introduction,and this is the first composition by you that I am reading, ofcourse apart from the poems.
    (we aren’t counting the one in 10th grade)
    And to this one, I would say, you writing reflects a few things, the simplicity, the maturity and honest words, and needless to say you know I like such work.
    I am not a fan of great vocab, thoughts are my appetite.
    And your introduction has set high expectations, I ll be looking forward to the blogs.
    Nice work.

  2. And I shall be a regular reader of whatever you have to write,for I have much to learn and much to write.
    Good luck with the blog and let this place be a notebook for your mind.

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